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Valuable Lesson

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 49031/valuable-lesson

Published: Nov '12

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Valuable Lesson is a 6,5k clopfic about Cheerilee's sad outlook on life.
She just had a bad experience with a stallion, and drinks herself into an "all stallions are pigs" mood. She drank so much that she went to school still a bit dazed. While there, she looks at the fillies and colts. They won't be that for much longer. And after that, what? It's not as if there are more foals waiting to enroll in school.
It's while she's trapped in this defeatist mindset that someone approaches her, a nice young colt called Rumble. THEN THEY FUCK.
Yeah, it's about what you expect. It was pretty decently written, so if /ss/ strikes your fancy, this one's alright. Don't let that Incomplete tag bother you. The lone chapter is pretty self-contained, and seeing how it's been twelve years with no update, it's safe to say this is all we'll get. I'd say it stands on its own.