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Night's Favoured Child

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Published: Dec '11Aug '14

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Dropped it during chapter 6, which is really chapter 7 because of a prologue. I feel that the focus is on the wrong thing. There's basically two plots. The first is a very slow childhood-adventure style plot with Twilight and the second is political intrigue mostly surrounding The Inquisitor. Neither really held my interest. The adventure plot would have a chance if it was going much faster, but it's held up by establishing settings details like what's going on with the nobility or Twilight's time in the orphanage/palace. As for the intrigue, it's no better than what I'd expect from a very average war fic and it's far too obvious that The Inquisitor is some sort of traitor. I would much rather the fic focus on the relationship between Twilight and NMM - which, although rare, was far and away the most interesting part of the earlier chapters (e.g. Twilight's entrance exam {chapter 4?} was the first thing to really hook me) - but my hopes for that died when we had Twilight's first few magic lessons be off screen. With that hope dead, I had no reason to continue reading.