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What Happens In Las Pegasus

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 546570/what-happens-in-las-pegasus

Published: Nov '23

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What Happens In Las Pegasus is a 16,8k Romance that also needs a Sad tag.
The story starts with Shining Armour on a weekend vacation in Las Pegasus. He just passed the guard exams and will be joining the guard for realsies soon. Coincidentally, Cadance has decided to put their relationship on hold because she needs to focus on her Princess duties. This is a real bummer, because Shining felt their relationship was going well. So now he's feeling conflicted, and in the city of sin.
Meanwhile, a young pegasus named Rainbow Dash is in the city for a flying competition, she's been training really had and making a name for herself in these events. With a bit of hard work, she'll be sure to make it into the big leagues, and eventually a Wonderbolt.
The stars have aligned for these two seemingly parallel lines to have a weekend where they'll intersect.
I love this story so much, it's unreal. The author just made a really good job at selling Dash and Shining's chemistry. It just really feels like they get along well, and as the story goes you think it wouldn't be so bad if they got together. After all, both are willing, and it's not as if there's anything stopping them from getting together.
So back to how this needs a Sad tag. Yeah, they obviously don't get together. Cadance sends a letter saying that she's feeling more on top of her princess duties, so Shining and her can get back together again.
Man, she should fall down a well. Don't you love it when the other party in a relationship makes unilateral decisions about your future?
Nevertheless, this makes him realise that it would be really hard for Dash and him to have a future. She's constantly training and participating in these competitions all over Equestria. Meanwhile, he's gonna be tied to the Guard, and will have to closely deal with the Princesses regardless of his relationship with Cadance. So why not let this just be a special weekend for both of them? The one time two lines will intersect before each going their way?
That doesn't make it any easier. At least, by the end of the story, I really wanted them to give each other a chance. It doesn't help that the story doesn't really portray Cadance in any sort of positive light. It's sad. It just makes you wish there was a way. Or, at the very least, for there to be a sequel where Twilight introduces her friends and Shining has a minor aneurysm.
Nevertheless, I can wholeheartedly recommend this story.