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No Time to Scream

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 456853/no-time-to-scream

Published: Dec '19

Review in No. 40768428
This one is actually fun. It's also exactly what it says on the cover, but a 2k Comedy doesn't need more than that.
Something has plunged Equestria into absolute horror overnight - right before Heart's Warming - but Rarity is having none of that as she delivers gifts to her friends. Her just casually trotting around the town, avoiding nightmarish monsters (or talking them down in condescending tone) with the casualness of an everyday morning makes for pretty good absurd humor. I didn't see any major errors detracting from the experience, which is also nice.
Was funny, I laughed. You can't ask a 2k comedy for more than that. If you want a silly oneshot about Rarara, I can recommend it. 7/10