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A Gift's Meaning

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 547936/a-gifts-meaning

Published: Dec '23

Review in No. 40768428
It's okay. The first half is your typical "Luna doesn't understand modern Equestria" humor, here with her trying to gift Twilight a Heart's Warming gift, starting with an indentured maidmare. Very basic and with exaggerated characterizations, but not too bad. The second half is meant to be more of a /comfy/ story where Luna learns how2gift. The fic has a few bad writing decisions (Tia: "Luna, you remember X?", Luna: "I could never forget it.", Celestia: "Great. Let me dump exposition on you anyway."), but as a unambitious cozy Christmas story it's just fine.
Complete with a bunch of lesser writing errors, this is the definition of an average, 5.5/10 story.