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Published: May '21

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Fucking hell. Okay, i'm a sucker for "sad Luna stories", but this is too much. I went into this story not knowing what to expect and quite dubious of its contents considering that it is written in a highly poetic/ambiguous manner, you know, the kind of story that is pretty hard to pull off. What i got out of it? A lump in my throat and a touch of endless anguish. This is a story about Luna who never forgave herself, a story of endless sins weighing upon your soul and driving you mad, a story of despair and self-punishment. I'll say that it's worth reading for all its emotional depth and exploration of Luna's character, and the author did a good job of carrying the legacy of NTSTS's "Lunacy". Also, it's pretty short, only 5600 words long.
Luna does NOT deserve this.