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Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally)

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 440750/queen-chrysalis-reforms-accidentally

Published: May '19

No. 40837890
This fic's main relevance to any discussion is its status as a prequel to Trouble in Tiatarta. Although the author suggests reading it, there is no need to. There's nothing particularly wrong with this fic, but it is just what it says on the tin.
This is the characterization established for Chrysalis:
- after being TFd, Chrysalis is no longer secure in her identity as a villain. As an example, she tries to regain her villainy by sucking a pony dry of love, but puts said pony in their bed safely after being drained so he doesn't die of exposure because she feels she's obligated to as a "Reformed" changeling. It's not sexual.
- Chrysalis is primarily resentful of her magic aura being changed to blue, and of becoming furry. In the last chapter, she sends a tsundere letter to Thorax asking him what shampoo nu-lings should use for their fuzz.
- Chrysalis believes Cozy Glow is not a pony because she's too evil.
- Chrysalis carries with her a shade of Mean Twilight. There's no information about this, it's probably a holdover from further up the prequel chain. It's mostly used as a narrative tool to push Chrysalis in directions convenient for the story. To be more clear, she carries with her the log that Mean Twilight was made from, and occasionally Mean Twilight is projected from it and they berate each other, and the plot is moved forward.
All of the above is repeated or reestablished in Trouble in Tiatarta