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Evaluate. Iterate. Repeat.

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 502520/evaluate-iterate-repeat

Published: Sep '21

Review in No. 37501369
A Sweetie Bot-fic written for a speedwriting competition. The prose is nice (though nothing special), but the actual plot itself feels a bit too cliché and meandering. Because of the story's shortness the reveal that Ponyville is wrecked comes very abruptly and I could immediately guess that Scootaloo and Apple Bloom are just memories / "hallucinations." I have to admit, however, the ending stumped me a little, I'm not sure what entirely happens after she enters the machine's chamber. Is it implied that the machine will rebuild the ponies somehow? I feel like a complete brainlet.
5/10 - If it turns out that I'm retarded and the ending is actually brilliant, I'm willing to bump the score up. Otherwise it feels quite by the book. No big offenses, but neither anything noteworthy.