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Falling Moon

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 429974/falling-moon

Published: Jan '19

Review in No. 40871581
The last of three stories that feature alicorn worldbuilding via Tuna. Unfortunately, the weakest one. This series has a problem with timeskips and being too short. The second one is set several months later, and while I feel it should be weeks, I gave it a pass anyway. This one is another year later and most of the (again much too short) story is consumed by wedding preparations. That’s already not fun, but even more of the fun is sucked out of it by the duo’s lack of enthusiasm because it has been made a state event rather than being about them.
The worldbuilding for the fic is about how alicorns have to recharge, and it is very inconvenient. The general idea is bad. The fic’s specific idea about relating the recharge to space travel is good, but it skips over it. The last major piece of worldbuilding is about alicorn-based reality perception, and is the only thing the fic really delivers on in terms of quality content.

As a whole, I skipped over this trilogy because the individual fics were much too short, but now I’m glad I read them. Despite being so short, they incorporated almost all of the key elements I think are both important to Tuna and which actually make Tunafics good.