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Twilight Sparkle Investigates

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Published: Mar '14Apr '14

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Twilight Sparkle Investigates is a 8,7k words Comedy anthology of sorts. In it, Twilight becomes a YouTuber.
Well, no. Not really. She starts making a series of educational videos for the colts and fillies of Ponyville about a variety of topics. Not all of them appropriate for colts and fillies.
It's a curious fic. Twilight very obviously knows nothing of direction. Or scripts. Or anything related to the making of educational videos. As a result these very much come across as desperate vlogs where Twilight talks about a random topic while trying to vent.
Also, she's in lesbians with Rainbow, but Dash and AJ hooked up. This makes her really mad, so the segments about Wings and Agriculture are really awkward. But funny! She also tries making out with Big Mac, but she's too into girls for that to go well.
It's a funny little fic. Forever incomplete, but it ends after Twilight has a heart to heart with Celestia (and forcing her to watch all of her cringeworthy videos), so I think it stops at a nice point.