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Every Roadside Inn

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 481301/every-roadside-inn

Published: Oct '20

Review in No. 40881205
Every Roadside Inn is a 9,3k OC-centric mystery horror~ish story. Two travelling mares in distress arrive at a remote town. They've just went through a rather traumatic experience, and are in dire need of help.
Alright, right off the bat I have to address the elephant in the room. All Original Characters. Original setting. Horror story. Is this even a pony story? Not really. I'd barely call it a story with a pony coat of paint. Once I realised that halfway through the story, I have to admit some of the excitement in me died a bit.
But hey, we're here for stories. Is this any good? Well, it's interesting.
The plot centers around Seaborn and Sunkiss, a couple who are travelling across Equestria when the night falls. Conveniently, there's an Inn nearby, so they stay for the night.
I like the Inn. It's nothing too crazy, but it carries that sense of wrongness one would expect of spooky impossible architecture. When things take a turn for the 1408 side of things, Sunkiss wastes no time in getting out of there and getting Seaborn to safety.
Upon recounting the events, it's revealed they remember things differently, which is of great interest to the pony leading the investigation. Trench Digger.
Oddly enough, the incident is solved quite efficiently. Trench runs the math, deduces the type of incident, and determines the proper rituals to perform. A few stock government excuses are given for the whole she-bang, and the story ends with a censored report of the incident that's somewhat reminiscent of an SCP entry.
Apparently, the fic is inspired by, but not a crossover with, something called "Control". I have no idea what that is, or how much does this fic borrow from it, so I can only say this is an alright story that doesn't have any business being in this site.