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The Love Bug

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 344985/the-love-bug

Published: Sep '16

Review in No. 40881208
The Love Bug is a 2,7k SoL story about identity. Kind of.
Cadance hears of a possible scam artist conning couples out of their hard earned bits with phony love readings. As the Princess of Love, she's had to deal with her fair share of phonies, so she goes to visit this remove town and set the record straight.
She ends up having a different experience.
This was a delight to read. I think the only thing that pissed me off other than the short length, was how long it took for Cadance to meet Chrissy. The Mayor was a fun character and all, but for a story that's less than 3k words long, I would've liked to spend more of that time between the two protagonists.
And that's because their talk was a delight to read. I wish I could read a full story of them just having tea and talking about things.
But that doesn't happen. What we do get is pretty good, though. If you want to have a good, simple time, give this a read.