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"I Wish To Register An Official COMPLAINT!!"

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 539489/i-wish-to-register-an-official-complaint

Published: Jul '23

Review in No. 40881211
"I Wish To Register An Official COMPLAINT!!" is a 3,4k comedy one-shot. In it, Spoiled Rich whines about the terrible influence those Crusaders have had on her daughter.
This has got to be the most "alright" fic I've read in years. It's kind of astounding. I don't have anything bad to say about the story, really. It was decently paced. I don't feel anyone was wildly out of character. The plot itself seemed fine.
And yet.
Almost as soon as I was done, I feel I couldn't recall a single thing I'd read save some generalities and plot points.
Spoiled Rich is a spoiled bitch, wants the Crusaders kicked out of school, Twilight contacted Celestia to have Spoiled removed from the school board. Kinda weird that Celestia was needed for that, but whatever.
If you want to kill fifteen minutes with something innocuous, give it a shot. Otherwise, don't bother.