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Let There Be Lights!

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 548053/let-there-be-lights

Published: Dec '23

Review in No. 40881217
Let There Be Lights! is a 3,8k word SoL about the wonders of Hearth's Warming lights.
Aren't those lights pretty? Sweetie Belle sure thinks so. She also thinks it's a shame ponies don't keep them up for the rest of the year. She even checked with the mayor. It's not illegal to have Hearth's Warming lights if it's not Hearth's Warming.
This is exactly what says on the tin. We follow Sweetie's ligh-hearted quest of making Hearth's Warming lights a mainstay throughout the year. It never becomes a big scale quest, but it certainly carries across one little filly's appreciation for the beauty of the lights.
And her total ignorance of energy bills, but bringing that up would be a downer and that's the antithesis of what this fic aims to do. I'd say it's succesful in that regard. Definitely give it a look.