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After Glow

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 523842/after-glow

Published: Sep '22

Review in No. 40881218
After Glow is a 5,8k word AU Drama/Tragedy. In it, Twilight finds out some details about Cozy Glow's past.
Far from a redemption tale, this story sets out to give a plausible explanation to Cozy Glow's actions. Why was she hell-bent on gaining power? Why did she need that power? As with everything wrong with life, it's Starlight Glimmer's fault.
The way the fic slowly reveals the nature of what happened to Cozy is interesting. Not only that, but it manages to make you feel for Cozy. I suppose the degree to which you do will depend on how much you like the alternate universe from where she comes.
I liked this interpretation of Cozy, and I would've loved to read a longer story about her side of things. As it stands, though, this is a pretty good one-shot.