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The Unfortunate Aftermath of Nurse Redheart

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 309428/the-unfortunate-aftermath-of-nurse-redheart

Published: Jan '16

Review in No. 40881442
The Unfortunate Aftermath of Nurse Redheart is a 1,2k word sadfic. It's a fan continuation of Stabbing of Nurse Redheart.
The story deals with the police coming across Redheart's body and following procedure. That's really it.
There are some emotions in here. Like when True Gaze tells Caution Tape to separate his feelings from his work, and treat this like any other crime: objectively. Or when Tape reminisces about his time in Ponyville Elementary and how Redheart would always be the first to help ponies who got hurt.
Again, that's it. The story doesn't offer much else. I think it would've been more interesting if the main character had been a coroner going over Redheart's body and reminisced about her while figuring out the cause of death. At least that way the sentiment would've remained the same, but we could've had some interesting medical insights like in the first story.
I suppose it wasn't meant to be, and this sequel doesn't really add much to the original.