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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 502655/success

Published: Sep '21

Review in No. 37501369
A 'Rainbow Factory' fic in which Scootaloo actually finishes her test and gets to go home while the other two are sent off. Honestly, the story is too short to be really impactful in my opinion. You can basically guess what happens. Scoots is saddened that her friends are gone, parents come to the scene and beg for their child only for le ebin nazi judge to send them away after delivering a very evil speech. Finally there is a scene between Scootaloo and Rainbow. It really showcases how little the RF version of Dash works with her show-counterpart. All her dialogue feels very out-of-character and while it could reasonably be said that this is intentional because she is emotionally scarred, it still makes the whole epilogue awkward and not very satisfying.
For someone who has apparently written - and I quote the author - "millions of pony words," the whole thing feels very amateurish.
4/10 - The story is too short to have an emotional impact and the scenes are completely predictable. RD acts weird, but not in a good way.