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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 484724/room

Published: Dec '20

Review in No. 40881448
Room is a 6,5k Horror story. Every night, Rarity dreams of being in her room.
The concept is intriguing. When she goes to sleep, Rarity dreams of her bedroom, but every night, her bedroom becomes larger and larger, until it takes her days just to get out of a bed the size of a field. Weeks to reach her wall, and months to make it to the exit. Yet, every time she wakes up, she forgets. The only way she can acknowledge what has happened is a journal placed right by the door, where previous Rarities have written their experiences, from back when the room was smaller and it started to grow.
If there was a bigger meaning behind this story, it went completely over my head. It just felt like cool imagery with nothing to hold it together, to me. I don't feel there was a larger purpose behind it all.
Once I reached the end and saw how Rarity had somehow passed this curse thingie to Sweetie Belle, I was just confused. I was looking for some symbolism behind it. Being trapped, passing it to someone else. I came up short, though. At the very least, the story doesn't offer anything interesting at surface value.
It's a fine story, but you can do better than "fine" if you want to read a pony horror story.