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Sleeping Habits

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 380853/sleeping-habits

Published: Jul '17

Review in No. 40881452
Sleeping Habits is an 8,5k word SoL fic about Dash.
As SoL as it gets, we follow Rainbow's day as she naps, trains, naps, helps around Ponyville, naps, trains, hangs out with Scootaloo, naps, goes to work, trains, and naps.
It sounds kinda dumb, but that's what the story is about. Not only that, but it's pretty good.
Dash is in character, yet never annoying. You really get to feel how she feels as she goes about her day, and you get a glimpse of how the impact she has on other ponies's lives.
Overall, a nice character study of Dash with plenty of heart and some humour.