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Nothing Beside Remains

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 381235/nothing-beside-remains

Published: Aug '17

Review in No. 40882480
Nothing Beside Remains is a 3k word sadfic. Not so sure about the Mystery or Tragedy tags. Or the 2nd Person one.
In a story inspired by the poem Ozymandias, you walk through a desolate, post-Apocalyptic Equestria. Except, surprise twist! It's not actually (You), but Princess Celestia. Not sure why the author decided to go for this. It's not how the poem goes.
Anyway, the story has Celestia walk through an Equestria devoid of life as she makes her way to the old Sisters Castle, where a dead(?) Nightmare Moon awaits, her gaze fixed on the horizon, awaiting for a rising sun that may never come.
Despite my grievances with the stylistic choices, I ended up liking the story. It's enjoyable in how it depicts an Equestria that died during the eternal night of Nightmare Moon's reign.