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The Guard of a Different Stripe

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Published: Mar '22

Review in No. 40882487
The Guard of a Different Stripe is a 10,7k word adventure romcom poem.
That's right, a poem. This entire story is told with Zecora as the narrator. Gimmicky? Maybe, but it's well done, and it helped get invested in the story.
Speaking of which, the story is pretty engaging. There's a new changeling plot afoot in Canterlot, and some ponies have already been replaced by changelings. One of them is Fancy Pants, the poor aloof socialite. Apparently, their intel was flawed, since the 'lings think Fleur is his wife/marefriend/fling.
In fact, she's his bodyguard. An undercover guard who's trying to thwart the changeling plot, and with the help of Rarity and Zecora, she may just be able to do that.
Romance! Well, Zecora acknowledges her dating pool is severely limited thanks to living in the middle of a big spooky forest. She would need a strong, strong mare to keep up with her lifestyle. And what do you know, Fleur de Lis fits that bill. Romance that blooms from high stress situations are generally doomed, but the nature of Fleur's work and Zecora's living arrangements make sure these two won't really have a moment to rest. Maybe it'll work out.
Nevertheless, this is a fun read. If you like romance, action, creative torture methods, and poetry, you'll enjoy this story.