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To Walk Unseen

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 452685/to-walk-unseen

Published: Oct '19

Review in No. 40882489
To Walk Unseen is an 11,7k word Dark EqG Drama. In it, everyone's favourite loser, Wallflower Blush, becomes a vampire.
You know, now that I describe it that way, the story sounds far less interesting. Still, the story was fun.
Wallflower is her same nondescript and shy self, but she gets an offer to become something greater. Something powerful. Someone nobody can ignore. A vampire. Except not really, why use labels? Haha.
But yeah, vampires. Chrysalis extends the offer to Wallflower, and the girl accepts. This starts their relationship as Chryssi mentors Wallflower through her transformation and adapting into being a vampire.
There is some good stuff here, like how Wallflower being unnoticed by everyone means nobody will grow suspicious of her not aging. But also how she's conflicted about having to put so much of her life behind.
Actually, now that I sit down and think about it. How is this almost 12k words? I don't think anything big actually happens. Stuff is hinted, but it happens off-screen. Eh. It's a fine story.