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Lesbian Sheep Syndrome

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 515910/lesbian-sheep-syndrome

Published: Jan '23

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Lesbian Sheep Syndrome is a 12k romance story about sheep. Lamb Chop is good at taking care of sheep. But she can do more than just make sure they're not attacked, like making sure they have fulfilling love life.
This story was fun. And not just because of Lamb's childhood trauma and the hints of the tragic events in her homeland. No, it's actually quite fun to see her and Rainbow Dash try to get Fleeca together with her crush Dolly, despite Applejack's protests that they should just leave things run its course.
The sheep side of the story is cute. And dumb. But dumb in the good way. Like sheep tend to be. I liked it.
Taken as a whole, I think LSS is a fine story. I'm not sure how much I actually like Lamb Chop. The story is prety short, and only two thirds of it are really focused on her. I'd probably read another story with her, so I suppose that's a net positive. But yeah, this is just "fine" to me.