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MechaCelestia versus Giga Fluffle Puff

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 224173/mechacelestia-versus-giga-fluffle-puff

Published: Dec '14

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In this satire of kaiju movies, Equestria is about to be conquered by MechaCelestia, an evil gigantic robotic alicorn from space. Celestia and the Mane Six have already been defeated. Using the last of their magic, they grow a fluffy pony to enormous size, creating Equestria's final hope: Giga Fluffle Puff!

Fluffle Puff, for those who don't know, is a fairly well-known OC. She sports fur so thick that it (mostly) shields her from MechaCelestia's attacks. She loves tacos, speaks only in noises, lives with Twilight Sparkle, and is filled with so much love that Chrysalis has moved in with them, too.

The fic is one big, well-done battle scene. It keeps building, conscious of its own absurdity but not holding back. If you've ever been entertained by a kaiju movie, like Godzilla (the American movies don't count) or Gamera or Mothra, then chances are good you'll be entertained by this fic. That said, it's not exactly deep. It's just one big, well-done battle scene. It can hardly be said to have a plot, and there's no character development at all.

There's some recent drama associated with Fluffle Puff. Her creator, who also goes by the name "Fluffle Puff," has (as of a little under a week ago) been accused of grooming and having sex with multiple underaged girls. Some here will probably be more offended that the creator uses they/them pronouns. I didn't know any of this when I picked up this story. I guess the character of Fluffle Puff might get cancelled? But in case this matters to you, this story wasn't written by Fluffle Puff's creator.

I had a good time with this fic. At 2,845 words, it's short, and if it's not your thing, you'll figure that out quick. 8/10.