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What's in the box?

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 556722/whats-in-the-box

Published: May '24

Review in No. 41055496
It's a Tailso fic, so of course a certain degree of morbidity is to be expected and yet, for what it's worth, I found the story pretty damn funny too. As it's a "non-entry" in the dialogue only contest, the entire situation is a slowly unfolding disaster told through the dialogue of an increasingly nervous mare and her, let's just say, overenthusiastic lover, after the former received a very, uh, special gift from the latter.
As it's a 1k oneshot, I'd rather not spoil anything concrete, so let me just summarize that my immediate gut feeling after reading this fic was "this is Cupcakes, if Cupcakes was actually funny". It is also an impressive mix of very pony feeling behaviour combined surprisingly seamlessly with what should be extremely dissonant non-pony ick. I'd say it's well-worth spending five minutes on.