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The Final Chance

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 493930/the-final-chance

Published: Apr '21

Review in No. 37508697
'The Final Chance' is a one thousand and three hundred-word shortfic about Vinyl Scratch's despondent life after she broke up with Octavia. I like the way depression is showcased in this story. Going through the motions, being indifferent to whether things happen in better or worse ways only to be tipped out of balance by a traumatizing event. Though I have to admit the sentences in italics that are interspersed throughout the story confused me quite a bit. They all seem imply that Vinyl has hanged herself, but then the end of the story just shows her morosely going to bed. I guess the author intends to leave the interpretation to us about whether she killed herself or is just experiencing suffocation due to her deep depression, but to me it felt a bit awkward.
Overall: 5/10 The story is extremely short and ultimately not too much happens, so while I appreciate the way Vinyl is depicted, the story didn't really leave a lasting impact on me. I guess if you enjoy seeing characters at their lowest moments, you might enjoy this story, but otherwise feel free to skip it.