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Sharing the Night

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 16375/sharing-the-night

Published: Mar '12Aug '19

Review in No. 37081509
In a way, it's trash because of the unexpected way it turned out to be bad, as opposed to being obviously on its face strictly autistic naruto fantasy.
Luna starts off the story as the most obnoxious impossibly non-functional angsty teen personality because she feels like the night was stolen from her.
Then she does an abrupt 180 and forces Twilight to become the princess of Ponyville complete with palace. Twilight, in turn, is resentful of this being forced on her and turns mean.
I dropped the story when Twilight starts turning all of her friends into alicorns, most of them against their will. In particular, when one of them (Applejack) asks her why she's doing it despite her refusal, Twilight says she's just doing it because (no reason).
I understand that later on Twilight turns into a Nightmare sort of thing.

I really liked the "ancient history" arc of pre-diarchy alicorn civilization though. Would definitely read more about that sort of thing, but I assume there isn't more of it to be found from the author.
Review in No. 37381494
I struggle to form an opinion of this fic beyond simply saying that I do not wish to continue. It's very easy to read and has some great world-building for alicorns. I think that what makes it so easy to read is that most of the events are either insignificant, humorous, or used for wordplay.The flaw of the fic is that any fic of mostly insignificant events will eventually collapse from the reader's inability to care for what's going on. For me, the final straw was shortly after the introduction of the antagonist. That is, I got about as far as chapters 8 or 9. The antagonist's existence is super important, but the fic's focus usually isn't on it. I think that this disparity is what's really done it for me.

It's honestly an above average fic, but it's not great by any means.