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A Loyal Retainer

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 504256/a-loyal-retainer

Published: Oct '21

Review in No. 37631619
Well, here's something I thought I'd never see: romance between Flash and Twilight, played straight, and an actually enjoyable story as a result.
It's an interesting take on the concept. It manages to both make it unusual and interesting, and yet, in the end, Flash loves Twilight and Twilight loves Flash and they marry. I honestly didn't expect that to be quite possible, and yet here it is.

Other than this fascinating achievement, the story is too short to really stick with you, but for what it is I think it's an enjoyable enough read, in a genre that's very easy to mess up and make too cliche or boring (and I'm not talking about Flash x Twilight).
Review in No. 37635300

It's a decent horror oneshot, but damn is the Twibomination really silly. The idea that 90% of Equestria is just a hivemind talking to itself, forcing itself to do banal shit for centuries on end just to keep up the appearance of a regular country made me nearly laugh due to the absurdity. I'm just imagining a funeral put on by the hivemind because there's a single normal pony who happens to know the dead guy, so dozens of hiveminded ponies have to get together to fake it so the one normal pony doesn't catch on.