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Magic on the Rocks

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Published: Oct '15

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Remember that quick scene in Magic Duel where Trixie said she worked at a rock farm? Well, this story is based on that. It's pretty enjoyable, but it has some serious drawbacks.
The story starts with Marble and Limestone going to the marketplace to sell their rocks, wondering what they can do to earn more money than nearly nothing at all. Limestone decides to turn some of their nicest rocks into jewelry and that grants them a new influx of income, which lets them actually plan for the future for once.
In the middle of all of this, they stumble upon a starving Trixie who is willing to work for them in exchange for food and lodging.
While staying there, Trixie helps Limestone stand up to her father's traditions and refusal to change, as well as slowly falling in love with Marble, up to the point where they decide to get married.
And now we go back to that point about Magic Duel. Spoilers ahead.
Trixie ends up leaving the Pie farm the day before they go to the Pairing Stone to get married. Not only that, but she steals Marble's dowry and this is the money she uses to buy the Alicorn Amulet. I'm fine with this development, and there are hints that Trixie has not let go of the past, but since the whole story is told from Limestone's POV, that means Trixie's betrayal comes a bit out of the blue. Maybe the author wanted to sucker punch the audience, but not getting to see her thought process throughout the story really robs us from some emotional impact.
Still, as it stands it's an entertaining story. Would recommend.