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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 496443/patience

Published: Jun '21

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6/10. Cheerilee's the custodian on a generation ship with Neighsay serving as the AI for some reason. Never been a big fan of these types of sci-fi fics since they're just tossing characters into an AU and trying to run the plot based on their personality and reaction. The character stuff was decent enough, but I couldn't get passed how contrived the whole setup was, so the author could do a cloning blues ending. Cheerilee has to be constantly cloned to care for the embryos because Equestria was too paranoid to let the AI handle it, despite it having complete control over the rest of the ship and being able to fuck over everything if it ever went crazy.

Britbong anon, I hope you don't have to put /end or some shit for these.