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Trixie's Great and Powerful Adventure

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 453964/trixies-great-and-powerful-adventure

Published: Nov '19

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'Trixie's Great and Powerful Adventure' is a four thousand and five hundred-word comedy oneshot featuring everyone's favorite showmare in the spotlight, who accidentally sends herself back in time. Twilight is planning to receive Starswirl the Bearded as a guest, but her plans are quickly foiled by Trixie, who barges in at the worst possible moment to boast about her newest spell, derived from a particular other magic which used the Friendship Map. Exactly when Starswirl arrives, the spell goes off and does what everyone already knew it would and Trixie is yanked away into the distant past, leaving everyone else with their mouth open. Panic and humor ensues.
This fic deserves the Comedy tag through and through. From Twilight's maniacally obsessive, yet entirely in-character attempts at impressing Starswirl to the greatly unexpected results of Trixie's mishap, the story made me smirk several times. I would say the only joke that didn't personally hit for me were the quips Trixie yelled during her fight with Grogar's minions. I wouldn't even necessarily call them out of place, but they felt considerably more lolrandom compared to the more nuanced situational comedy the fic utilizes elsewhere.
I'd rather not go into every single detail in the story, because a lot of the jokes work best if you go in blind, but I do want to mention that I've greatly enjoyed how Twilight and the others are so surprised at why nothing has changed and how the fic turns this very valid question into a joke by answering that the reason is because the Equestria they're living in exists only due to Trixie messing up. If you really think about it, it does cause a bootstrap-paradox, but this being a comedy fic, I'm not too keen on harping on the story just for this. The last big reveal caught me by surprise too, but upon re-reading the relevant parts of the fic, it should've been obvious, which made it all the more amusing. Poor Purplesmart really can't get a break!
As for the shipping stuff at the end, I'm personally not very interested in the topic, so I can't really comment much other than to reassure any similar readers that you won't lose any enjoyment from the story by not caring about this aspect.
Overall: 8/10 I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but I am really satisfied with what I got and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel. 'TGaPA' is a hilarious, bite-sized comedy that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, who wants to read something lighthearted and funny.