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The Mane Six Give Discord A Punishment Day

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 498122/the-mane-six-give-discord-a-punishment-day

Published: Jul '21

Review in No. 37694569
'The Mane Six Give Discord A Punishment Day' is four thousand and six hundred-word something, that deserves nothing but contempt. I'd like to think my standards aren't overly high, but even I can't find any saving grace in this mess. Throughout the length of the fic, the Pony Life version of the M6 invent more and more brutal punishments for Discord, who for some reason doesn't even try to fight back or save himself. It starts mundane enough, making him drink hot sauce and whatever, but by the end the whole thing devolves into something that only an exceptionally mentally stunted child could enjoy.
Overall: 0/10 The fic I've rated second lowest (>>37394440) is still miles better than this garbage. I am without words.