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Worst Is What I Do Best

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 471960/worst-is-what-i-do-best

Published: Jul '20

Review in No. 37694569
'Worst Is What I Do Best' is a two thousand and two hundred-word oneshot, featuring the Pony Life-exclusive character, Dishwater Slog. As Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy make their way towards Sweet Apple Acres, they stumble upon him as he's sitting around next to a pizza place. Unlike his depiction in Pony Life, in this fic he's not priding himself in being the worst, rather as he explains he simply keeps messing up everything he does, which lead him to believe he's "best at being the worst." I actually like what the author is going for here, the story ends with the girls convincing him that he should really just try harder and have a brighter outlook at his life, which aligns well with FiM's morale. If only I could understand what the trio was arguing about in the beginning of the story...
Overall: 5/10 It's a cute and low-stakes story, with some confusing parts.