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Twilight Sparkle Meets an Alt-Right Chud

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 471747/twilight-sparkle-meets-an-alt-right-chud

Published: Jun '20

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'Twilight Sparkle Meets an Alt-Right Chud' is a two thousand-word terrible political satire hidden behind a thin coat of ponies. Why does this story even have a Pony Life tag? There is nothing in the story that even remotely implies this isn't the FIM continuity. Not that this matters much, because the main problem with the story is far, far more pressing: This fic is nothing more than the author's way of creating and shaming a strawman of what he describes as the "brony fandom's Nazi problem." The story's one dimensional villain does nothing but yell stereotypical right-wing memes at Twilight, who autistically tries to argue with him to no effect. Why does he believes all this? The author doesn't think it's important to explain. The story ends with Twilight having enough and teleporting the guy to Mars, where he gets a heart attack and dies. Yeah, to the red planet. Obviously.
Overall: 0/10 Political satire can be a great genre. It, however, requires a great deal of nuance and care that the author clearly didn't consider necessary. What a waste of storage space.