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Potion Party

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 471867/potion-party

Published: Jul '20

Review in No. 37694575
'Potion Party' is a two thousand-word oneshot in which the M6 sample Pinkie's potions which all have remarkably unexpected side-effects. The fic perfectly captures the feeling of Pony Life. It's very lolrandom, it's very low-stakes, the negative effects of the potions are played as jokes and at the end of the day, the whole thing just feels, for lack of a better term, comfy. Considering the source material, this is probably the closest I could imagine the perfect Pony Life fic to be, however, this also unfortunately means that just like how PL wasn't nearly as impactful as FIM was, this story too pales in comparison to most other fanfics. Still, this is still miles better than anything else I've read in this category of fics, which does mean something at least.
Overall: 7/10 The story is short, comfy and perfectly captures the spirit of Pony Life. I recommend it as a fic you read when you want to turn off your brain and just read something silly.