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Spreading Kindness

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 481374/spreading-kindness

Published: Nov '20

Review in No. 37090628
>mystery horror plot
>easily digestible
>OCs don't completely suck
>Formula One pacing
>Friendship school setting
>the pacing gets two spots because it really hurts the fic

It's a friendship school fic, which I don't read, but it's also a mystery horror, which I do. The premise of a new student dealing with some spooky stuff happening and unraveling it is great, but the ultimate weakness is a common one: pacing. The author crammed a plot for a 40k fic into 8k, so everything's spedrun: the OCs development, the mystery turning to horror, the climatic resolution, and the OCxOC shipping at the end. It's still an okay oneshot, but it could have been a really good mutlichapter if more time had been invested in developing the plot and characters.