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I Dream of Luna

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Published: Jan '14Feb '14

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>I Dream of Luna
This story is tagged comedy and it does not fuck around. It hits damn near every beat perfectly and had me audibly chuckling many times throughout the story. A fairly straightforward flutterrape story that leans hard into the lighthearted aspects of it, the story captures the characters very well and interactions between them always feel natural and meaningful. It was an instant favorite while reading it for me and is a must-read especially for applefags, dashfags, and as the name would suggest, moonfags. It does have its more heartfelt serious moments, but they're used like a fine seasoning and work in tandem with the comedy of the rest of the story rather than in spite of it. It kept me hooked the whole time and left me wishing for more by the end. Like I said, must-read, and that is no understatement. The story does take on a more serious tone towards the end, but it still manages to keep it fairly balanced. It was an instant red flag for me seeing it turn down that route, but I stuck with it and was rewarded for doing so. Personally I think it would've done better to stay as it was, but it did more than well enough for me to not get hung up on it. Additionally, the latter half of Applejack's dream scene and especially the dance with Dance were very touching.