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Put it in the Toaster

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 325134/put-it-in-the-toaster

Published: May '16

Review in No. 37717213
Put it in the Toaster is a ninety-five thousand, six hundred and twenty seven word story about an original charachter named Toaster. She is a sheltered, barely legal adult who lies her way into a brothel where she gets training as a prostitute. Fortunately she's a goddamn wizard at all the technique and in all of the classes. Unfortunately she has very poor coloring, the social skills of a downs child, and anything she touches with her magic bursts violently into flames. After 3 years living and trying to work(and failing) its discovered that she never went to school, and therefore never to pony prom and that invalidates her story, and exposes her as a virgin. So after getting kicked out of the brothel, she moves down to ponyville where things are largely more conservative, hijinks ensue as we watch Toaster fail left and right and Pinkie turns out to be the villain in this story, a fact that shes not happy about and is also played for laughs. Theres a few serious moments here and there as we learn more about Toaster's backstory, and we get to learn a few things about how the rest of the world works. It deserves its comedy tag for sure, and while its rated mature, no hanky panky actually happens, sort of. It's a very raunchy comedy and it has a rather heartwarming ending and just enough seriousness to set yourself up for the next joke. Its gloriously over the top where it needs to be, and has a nice sense of pacing where things are cooling down. The romance angle is a little forced but overall its a strong humorous story that i can recommend to anyone with the attention span to get through almost 100k words and the ability to stand sex jokes. 7/10