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Can I sleep with you tonight?

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 506047/can-i-sleep-with-you-tonight

Published: Oct '21

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'Can I sleep with you tonight?' is a seven thousand and six hundred-word comedy oneshot. It's a dark, stormy night and Twilight is just about to head to sleep. Suddenly she hears knocking and she opens her door only to find Fluttershy behind, who begs to be let inside, due to being scared from a story Twilight told her the day before. After some grumbling Twilight obliges and the two go to sleep. Or at least try, as once again somebody knocks on the door and this time Twilight finds Pinkie Pie, who also couldn't sleep after hearing the story. One thing leads to the next and slowly the entire M6 turn up, making excuses or admitting their terror over the story Twilight told them, titled "The Curse of the Golden Turtle." Eventually Scootaloo and Trixie arrive too and everyone finally gets to sleep. However, just as the story is winding down, Spike suddenly appears and reveals to Twilight that the story was not fiction after all as she believed. The story ends with her acting just as afraid as her friends earlier, before she eventually finds comfort in being so close to them.
I'm honestly not sure what to even say. This story made me feel warm inside. The author lovingly describes how the ponies make their bed and cuddle together in such detail, that the reader can almost feel as if they were with them too. I also found it very endearing how autistic Twilight acts: From trying to turn Fluttershy away by applying logic before her empathy kicks in, to reciting amino-acids in her head while trying to fall asleep, the way she is characterized is very much like her S1's incarnation, that the show sadly quickly left behind.
Not only is the story exceptionally comfy, it's also quite humorous, with only one or two jokes that didn't hit for me personally, but that's hardly unexpected. The only reason I'm even bringing this up is to show how little fault I can find in this story.
Overall: 10/10 Do not expect to see here any epic fights, the depths of philosophy or even a narrative here, that's more complicated than "the M6 gets scared and have a sleepover." However, if you just want a story that will make you feel nice after a long and hard day, I could hardly name a better one than this. Wholeheartedly recommended.